Celebrations Wildat of Imam Hussain AS and Hazrat Abbas AS

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Bismillah ir rahman ir Raheem

Jashan e Wiladat

Hazrat Aba Abdil Al Hussain A.S and Hazrat Abul Fazal Al Abbas AS .

Hazrat Saiyeda Zainab SA, Hazrat Al Akbar AS and Hazrat Qasim AS.

On Saturday, April 29th, 2nd Shab’an

IILM CENTER, 2101 W Plano Parkway, Plano TX 75075     



7:30 PM Nazr/Dinner

8:25 PM Salaat Maghrabain

8:45 PM Quran, Hades e Kisa

9:00 PM Manqabaat

9:30 PM Speech by Allama Syed Irtaza Hussain Naqvi

Followed by Ziarat


2101 West Plano Parkway,

Plano, TX 75075


Contact: 214-755-1768

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