IILM Program Jan 11th to Jan 17th, 2021

IILM Program Jan 11th to Jan 17th, 2021

Daily Maghrabain Jammat Prayers (on Time)

Every Tuesday Dua e Tawassal after Maghrabain Prayers

Every Thursday: Dua e Kumail after Maghrabain Prayers

Every Friday: Jumma Prayer

“Please follow the CDC Guidelines. Must wear mask and practice social distancing.” 

Tuesday, Jan12th:

5:55pm Maghrabain prayer jamaat
6:15 PM Dua e Tawassal
Followed by Ziarat

Thursday, Jan 14th:Every Thursday Dua e Kumail 

5:57PM Maghrabain prayer jamaat
6:15PM Dua e Kumail by Mehmood AbdulSaad Allami
6:40PM Noha o Mataam
6:45 PM Ziarat e Warsa
Friday, Jan 15th: Every Friday Jumma Prayer at IILM Center
12:35 PM Azaan
12:40 PM Khutba in English Saad Abdurahaman Mehmood Allami
1:00 PM Juma prayer led by Saad Abdurahaman Mehmood Allami
1:15 PM Asar salaat
Followed by Ziarat

Saturday, Jan 16th: Majlis e Aza Martyrdom of Sayeda Fatima tuz Zehra SA

Speaker: Moulana Mirza Mohammad Baig

6:00pm Salaat e Maghrabain by jamaat.

Majlis e Aza Martyrdom of Sayeda Fatima tuz Zehra SA

6:30pm Recitation of Holy Quran,
6:35pm Hades e Kisa, 645pm Salaam and Marsiya
7:00pm Speech by by Moulana Mirza Mohammad Baig in English/Urdu
8:00pm Noha o mattam, 8:15pm ziyarat
Niaz will be distributed

Please follow the CDC Guidelines (Wears Mask and keep social distance all the time)

Sunday, Jan 17th: 
IILM Sunday School (Online Zoom classes)  
For details class schedule and registration contact IILM Sunday School Admin.
IILM is a 501C-3 Non-Profit Organization, all donations are Tax Deductible, IILM has Ijjaza to collect Khums, IILM operates with your generous donations, please donate generously towards Nazar o Niaz,  Operations funds and Construction. We accept cash, credit cards, checks and online donations. JAK
[Please follow the CDC Guidelines. All attendees will be asked to sign an attendance sheet with their name and phone number upon entry at the Center. Please bring your hand Sanitizer, own mask to wear before entering the Center, perform Wadhoo at home before arriving, practice social distancing, don’t shake hands or hug, and abstain from socializing before and after the program. Don’t bring elderly people and individuals with underlying health conditions.
We recommend bringing the following with you: taqaeebat books, Turbaat (mohar) and rugs. If you feel at all uncomfortable about joining, we encourage you to stay at home and follow the live IILM TV online transmission.