IILM Program May 24th to May 30th, 2021

IILM Program May 24th to May 30th, 2021

“Must wear mask and practice social distancing.” 

Daily Maghrabain Jammat Prayers (on Time)

Every Tuesday Dua e Tawassal after Maghrabain Prayers

Every Thursday: Dua e Kumail after Maghrabain Prayers

Every Friday: Jumma Prayer

Tuesday, May 25th: 

8:44pm Maghrabain prayer

followed by Dua e Tawassal
and Ziarat

Thursday, May 27th: 

8:45PM Magrabain Prayer
9:05PM Dua e Kumayl
9:25PM Ziarat e Warsa

Friday, May 28th: Every Friday Jumma Prayer at IILM Center
1:25 PM Azaan
1:30 PM Khutba in English Saad Abdurahaman Mahmoud Allami
2:00 PM Juma prayer led by Saad Abdurahaman Mahmoud Allami
2:15 PM Asar salaat
2:25pm Ziarat
Niaz will be distributed
IILM is a 501C-3 Non-Profit Organization, all donations are Tax Deductible, IILM has Ijjaza to collect Khums, IILM operates with your generous donations, please donate generously towards Nazar o Niaz,  Operations funds and Construction. We accept cash, credit cards, checks and online donations. JAK