Eid ul Adha Prayers at IILM Center

Friday , July 31st:  Eid ul Adha Prayer and Khutba at IILM Center

*Please check guidelines at the bottom
First Salaat:
7:45 PM Takbeerat
8:00 PM Eid ul Adha (First Prayer ) led by Moulana Syed Mudasir Shah Muswai
Followed by Khutba in English by Moulana Syed Mudasir Shah Muswai
8:45 PM Ziarat
Live link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj5UWtJD0wY
Second Salaat:
9:00 PM Eid ul Adha (Second Prayer) led by Mehmood AdulSaad Allami
Followed by Khutba in English by Mehmood AdulSaad Allami
9:45PM  Ziarat
Friday Jumma Prayer:
1:35 PM Azaan and Khutba by Mehmood AdulSaad Allami in English
1:55 PM Salaat e Jumma led by Mehmood AdulSaad Allami
followed by Salaat e Asar
2:15 PM  Ziarat
[Please follow the CDC Guidelines (linked below). All attendees will be asked to sign an attendance sheet with their name and phone number upon entry at the Center. Please bring your own mask to wear before entering the Center, perform Wadhoo at home before arriving, practice social distancing, don’t shake hands or hug, and abstain from socializing before and after the Prayer. Don’t bring elderly people (over 65 years), kids (under 10 years) and individuals with underlying health conditions. We recommend bringing the following with you: Quran, taqaeebat books, Turbaat (mohar) and rugs. If you feel at all uncomfortable about joining, we encourage you to stay at home and follow the live IILM TV online transmission.
Disclaimer: All participant attendance is voluntary. IILM Center and their management holds no liability for any viral infections and or any medical conditions.]