IILM Program July 18th to July 20th

IILM Program July 18th to July 20th

Sunday Evening, Jul 18th: Majils e Aza Martyrdom of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel AS

8:52 PM Magrabain Prayer
9:15 PM Quran, Hades e Kisa,
Salaam Marsiya
9:30 PM Speech by Zakir e Ahilabait Syed Jawad Razavi
10:15 PM Noha o Mataam
Followed by Ziarat
Niaz will be distributed.
All Momineen and Mominaat are hereby requested to attend in person. Jazak Allah Khair.

Monday, July 19th, Zillhajj 9th: Dua e Arafa, Aamal and Ziarat Imam Hussain AS 
6:00PM Amaal and Dua e Arafa
Followed by Ziarat Imam Hussain AS

Tuesday, July 20th, ZillHajj 10th: Eidul Adha Prayers 
First Prayer:
7:30AM Dua e Nutba, Takbiraat
8:00AM Eid prayer led by Moulana Dr Syed Amir Abbas Jafri
Followed by Khutba in English and Ziarat

Breakfast – (9:00AM-9:30AM)
Second Prayer: 
9:30AM Eid prayer led by Mehmood Allami
Followed by Khutba in English and Ziarat

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